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Are You Feeling Called to Develope Your Artistict Spiritual Gifts? Listen and watch a message from

The Spiritual Artist Summit workshop was founded in order to create a space supporting the discovery of the Inner Path of the artist. This Space will inspire, support and allow personal and spiritual development, as well as creative meetings with interesting people (by means of workshops and lectures with professionals in several areas of the arts).

We guarantee you tranquility, quietness, serenity, nature, plenty of laughter and, fun filled atmosphere. We offer you the opportunity for personal and spiritual development, rest, contact with your body and emotions, as well as meetings with interesting, creative people.

In this richly experiential workshop, Darragh explores the honoring of your current life's calling. You are taken through a process for building a self-sustaining career that resonates with your deepest levels of integrity, passion, and purpose. Drawing from her background in years of experience with spiritual visionary art, and a calling to serve, Darragh works with you to find your next step, to transform your intuitions into action, to create and receive support for your visions, and to find the motivation and discipline necessary to develop your authentic vocation.

Beginning with an examination of abundance and scarcity and moving through an exploration of your family history around values of work, you will discern your true priorities, open your creative visions, and begin to align them with your whole being. Darragh's methods provide the opportunity to create new strategies for career development, uncover latent talents, and develop heart-centered prosperity.

Throughout the workshop, you will work with a meditative format that applies internal exercises with RN Teresa Morris (based on the chakra system) to issues that are central to successfully establishing your work in the world.

During the workshop you will have the opportunity to learn: from a past student of mine Diane Wojciechowski who has been successifuly building her on line business, and owns the domain: discoveryourangel.com

Creating the Work You Love offers:

  • how to make money doing what you love,

  • more about your strengths, talents and life mission,

  • how to reconcile passion and vocation with work,

  • how to live more creatively, doing what you have been created for.

  • a guide to transitioning through major life and career changes,

  • a radical, holistic approach to Your Life’s Work,

  • the possibility of uncovering the “embodied” vocation encoded in your energy centers,

  • This is a workshop for people who:

  • want to learn how to work and go more deeply into liberation of the here and now,

  • want their work to make a difference in the world,

  • plan in their professional life a shift towards work which is both their passion and their dream,

  • would like to develop professionally in accordance with their abilities and vocation,

  • want to experience the harmony that comes from combining creative passion and work,

  • are dissatisfied with their work.

  • effective methods for focusing and goal-setting,

  • techniques of risk assessment for building a business or personal practice,

  • ways to develop a career that reflects your heart’s compassion and your soul’s courage.

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